"The hardest thing to do is leave your comfort zone. But you have to let go of the life you're familiar with and take the risk to live the life you dream about"

Living a good life, focusing on your strengths, finding a life of meaning and purpose and embracing this next chapter.

Learn how to REWIRE your outlook on life and ALIGN your actions to how you truly want to live, so that you can start designing the future life you want.

Hi, I'm Zoe, Life Design Strategist, Coach and Mentor.

I help women embrace their past stories and design their next chapter.

I coach and mentor to help you embrace your past story and learn the lessons it gave you.

I strategize with you to help you design, build and implement your next chapter.

Are you ready to design the life you want?

I believe that life is short. Much shorter than we'd like to believe.

I also believe that it is in our own power to make the most of the time we have and design our life. To do this, we must understand what we want from this time. To reflect on our past stories and lessons, to do the deep work within ourselves, and write our own next chapter.

Are you ready to make these next few years of your life really count? To understand your own north star, your values and motivations, and be free of societal expectations dictating how you lead your life? Are you ready to create a life of true happiness, abundance, freedom and fulfilment?

You are? Great, then you've come to right place - let's get going!

I'm a coach, mentor AND strategist.

This means that when you work with me, I will help you find the answers, offer advice, and help you plan how to get there...supporting you through every step of the journey.

How do I do this?

By using my unique A.C.(i).E. framework...

Using this framework, we will work step by step through the process of understanding who you are at your core, your why, your values, your aspirations, what you want your future to look like, all the way through to making the decisions and taking the steps you need to take to change your life, and embed that new way of living into your life.

"Zoe is an excellent coach. You immediately feel you are in a ‘safe zone’ – a comfort zone where it is very easy to discuss all topics. She has a fascinating ability to understand and summarise everything we have talked about during the session. She helps you reflect a lot and find answers to questions. I would definitely recommend her."

Vanessa, HR Officer

My mission is to help women embrace their unique past stories and design their next chapter.

I believe that all of us have times in life where we feel a little lost or are unsure of the path to take.

I believe that we are capable of learning from our past stories, capable of recovery, and capable of discovering the pathway in life that will enable us to thrive.

I believe that we all deserve to be supported and listened to, and to have someone who is invested in our growth and wellbeing.

I believe that we live the best versions of our lives when we understand who we are at our core and live our personal and professional lives according to our values.

My Approach

Every single one of you is amazing and unique and we will embrace your past stories in designing your next chapter.

This some of what you can expect when we work together.

I work with you as a whole person.

I listen to what you say and the gaps that remain unfilled, the meaning behind the stories you tell, the metaphors you use, the fear behind the words…all build me a picture of what you need from our sessions and how I can help you best move forward.

Together we unpick your past story and gain an understanding of where you are now, and where you want to be.

I work with your natural energy flow.

We work together in sessions to recognise the energy that goes with the stories, the words, the reactions…your energy flow will have impact on your mood, your balance, your stress levels. I understand this. Together, we explore what lights you up and energises you, and walk through the actions we need to take to bring that energy balance into your life.

I dance in the moment with you.

The conversations we have are powerful and transformational. They are a dynamic interchange within a trusted relationship. I actively listen to not only hear your words, but to understand your mood, the nuances, and the emotions behind the words. We dance together in the moment – we collaborate and connect with equal power in the relationship, moving us both forward in this journey. I will hold the space for

you to be vulnerable, to be brave, to be curious. To move forward at your own pace within the support and safety of our sessions.

I stay curious.

I focus on asking the questions that go deeper. The questions that will help you unlock the connections and join the dots between the different areas of life, having the lightbulb moments that create far reaching ripples into other areas of your life. When we are curious and when we learn and start to explore different pathways, we see the change. The new behaviours. The next chapter being written.

Our sessions will help activate your curiosity again, to use your imagination and explore the possibilities as you move forward.

You are not stuck. You are not lost.

We just haven’t found your path just yet…but we will,


'Zoe has a knack for holding up a big, shiny mirror and helping people to get really clear on what is important to them in terms of values, how they want to work and what they want their life to be like. I particularly value her positive, supportive and encouraging style, as well as her capacity to challenge your thinking at exactly the right level and draw out the key points holding you back. She also provides a kind-but-firm boot in the backside when necessary.'

Jo Milmine, Head of Performance and Development

How I can help you

Life Design Transformation Packages

A supporting and transformative experience where we work together to unpick your past, learn from experiences, and design your next chapter.

Strategy, coaching sessions and mentoring, all rolled into one complete package.

Personalised guidance, a uniquely tailored approach to your needs and challenges, targeted goal setting, and accountability to get there.

This transformational package is for you if you are fed up of being stuck and want to do the deep work to analyse what may have happened before to make you feel this way, to create a new narrative and life design, and embed a new way of being as you move forward into your best life.

Group Coaching Programmes

" A rising tide lifts all boats"

Coming soon...

These programmes are being created by Zoe after 20 years of coaching, with a deep understanding of the main limiting beliefs that we tell ourselves and how to overcome them.

By choosing to enrol in a group programme, you will also benefit by learning with others, tapping into a larger network of peer support, harnessing the diverse perspectives in the group and building relationships that carry on long after the programme has finished.

Coaching Membership

A unique membership which gives you access to Zoe, whilst also embracing peer support of the group.

Zoe is incredibly passionate about having a coaching membership and has created one to be accessible to as many women as possible.

In this membership you will find customised content each month (which can be watched live or on replay) and a supportive community, cheering you on as we design that next chapter.

This coaching membership is for you if you want to dip your toe into coaching and benefit from having content you can access at a time that suits you.

Personality Profiling

For individuals who want to identify, understand, and harness their strengths, recognise why some situations may cause a different reaction and behaviour, and learn how to use this knowledge to thrive.

All of these packages include the option of starting with a personality profiling tool which will include a 42 page individual report and a 60 min debrief from Zoe, who is a trained practitioner.

This can be added as an option at checkout to any package or purchased as a stand alone product.

Zoe helped me frame my values, my priorities and ultimately shape the direction I wanted to move in to. She also helped with networking. Helping me to understand how I felt about the jobs I was applying to, how I felt through rejection and leading me through next steps.

It is no coincidence that in the week we finished our sessions, I secured myself a job. I stepped out of my comfort zone, I banished the imposter syndrome and I took a risk which ultimately paid off. Zoe provided the support to have more confidence in my decision making.

Zoe is calm, efficient, and considered in her approach. She never judges, tells you not to do something or tells you that you are wrong. Every decision I made was right at the time and each result gave me an opportunity to evaluate the what next. Zoe was there to encourage my next steps all the way.

I cannot recommend Zoe enough, her support, encouragement and coaching made me feel like I could achieve my goals; I never felt pressured and always looked forward to our sessions, I knew that I would come away with a renewed sense of purpose and ready to take the next steps, whatever they may have been.

- Kirsty, Principle Consultant, Business Change and Project Management

"My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style"

- Maya Angelou

With a career spanning over 20 years, across the public and private sector, military to corporate consulting to entrepreneur - it's been a ride! There have been ups and downs, and many bumps along the road, but the one thing that has kept me going through it all has been having the support of those around me who have coached, mentored, provided guidance, a kick up the butt...all at the exact times I have needed it.

With over 4000 hours of coaching and mentoring, and accredited as a level 7 coaching and mentoring practitioner by the EMCC, I work as a life design strategist, coach and mentor and have a passion for helping other women embrace their unique past story and use the learnings to design their new chapter, much like I did.

I believe that we all need support and a helping hand at times, and I have created life design packages that are accessible and focussed on getting you into that next chapter, whatever you decide that to be!

Have a look at the packages and if you have any questions then please book in for a call so we can talk through the option that is best for you.

And if you want to get more of a feel for who Zoe is and how she works 1:1, then go have a listen to

The Wild Clarity Podcast

The Wild Clarity Podcast was born from a desire to share, connect, and be inspired by others’ life journeys – to see things from different perspectives and expand our thinking to new ways of living our lives, to know that we have a choice, and to find ways of living that feel authentic to each of us.

The guests I have interviewed have all had ‘Wild Clarity’ moments – something that has nudged them in a different direction, and they’ve courageously taken that leap to explore that new pathway.

We cover the highs and the lows, the lessons learnt and those they would pass onto others, their proudest moments so far, and where their next chapter is taking them.

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Living a good life, focusing on your strengths, finding a life of meaning and purpose and embracing this next chapter.

Learn how to REWIRE your outlook on life and ALIGN your actions to how you truly want to live, so that you can start designing the future life you want.


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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