"Your entire life really can change in a year...you've just got to love yourself to know that you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to actually work for more"


I'm Zoe,

Life Design Strategist, Coach and Mentor.

I coach and mentor to help you embrace your past story and learn the lessons it gave you.

I strategize with you to help you design, build and implement your next chapter.

From as early as I can remember, I was always curious about others. Chatty, friendly - always trying to include everyone, and always asking questions. If you ask anyone who knew me as a kid, these are the things they will say (they may also include stubborn and ‘knew her own mind’)!

I come from a mixed cultural background and also a Military family - born in one country, grew up in another, and then moved to the UK before starting secondary school – it’s instilled in me a love of people and travel and has been why I always reach out, connect, and help other people feel comfortable, seen and heard, because I know what it feels like to walk into a room and not know anyone, to feel like the odd one out…

After my psychology degree, I followed my Dad into the military (and let’s say my younger brother followed me, although technically he joined first!) and spent 16 years in a strictly hierarchical, disciplined, structured environment…but it was during this time where the curiosity I had as a child started to flourish, and I found myself volunteering and applying for every type of ‘people’ course and role that I could – a MSc in Leadership Studies, my PGCE, a CIPD level 7 in HR…I was a sponge for learning all that I could about human behaviour…and quickly worked up to leading large teams and teaching junior military officers about leadership and followership.

But, although I looked successful and had a stable career and income, I was slowly becoming more and more miserable inside. I felt like a number rather than a person. And I was quickly falling out of love with a career I thought I would be in for the long term. The military and I didn’t match anymore…I wasn't in charge of my own life...

Leaving the RAF, I jumped headfirst into the corporate life, working as a consultant for large London based firms, specialising in leadership, learning and change, whilst also professionally coaching…I was working and living at 100 miles an hour…

And then I stopped.

Something wasn’t quite right, and I quickly realised it was because when I jumped into my new career, I was so busy being busy, and doing what I thought was expected of me, that I hadn’t stopped to breathe. To reflect on my story so far. To enjoy the journey. To understand my own values and how I wanted to show up for myself. To give myself a much-needed break from all the noise. To give myself the time and space to think 'what do I want for this next chapter?'

So I took the leap and decided to do what I love, am highly qualified and experienced in, and have been doing for 20 years - to work as a professional, accredited, coach and mentor, specialising in life design and strategy. To take the pressure off myself to be everything that society expects, and to carve out my own next chapter doing something I love and that enables me to serve others and make a difference.

I now live a life within my values of connection, service, learning, curiosity and growth, and live a life that feels full and intentional, helping other women embrace their past stories and experiences, and design their next chapter. If this is something you would like to explore with me, then please do have a look at the 'work with me page' or jump onto the contact page to arrange a chat to discuss how I could help you.

I look forward to joining you on your journey.

- Zoe x


Zoe is able to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience in doing her work. Her coaching skills are highly effective, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to be coached by her at a time in my career when it was extremely helpful. It has helped my transition immensely.

Coaching with Zoe will help you take back control of your life. Visualise and define objectives. Encourage creativity. Feel empowered. Improve motivation and an awareness of what it is that motivates you. Improve self-awareness.

Zoe has an empathetic and encouraging style. I particularly valued our time spent problem solving and I learnt a lot from Zoe. She was a fantastic sounding board, coach and mentor.


Living a good life, focusing on your strengths, finding a life of meaning and purpose and embracing this next chapter.

Learn how to REWIRE your outlook on life and ALIGN your actions to how you truly want to live, so that you can start designing the future life you want.


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